Peekaplayers aim is to play with purpose. We believe in the everyday power of play to boost wellbeing
channel creativity and increase confidence. We hope to develop collaborative and communication skills.
We offer sessions for adults and children in education settings and the wider community. We also run
bespoke sessions in the workplace.

✔️Are you are parent who feels that their child is lacking in confidence and not reaching
their full potential?

✔️A teacher or care worker who would love to know how to better support individuals in
their care be more creative and share stories?

✔️An organization who has identified that unclear messaging is impacting your ability to

Recent feedback

Teachers thought students found the workshops a positive experience.
Teachers surveyed found improvements in confidence, creativity and listening
Teachers surveyed found improvements in Imagination, Collaboration and Articulation.
When asked if students would be interested in future programmes or events from Peekaplayers, teachers responded with Definitely or Probably.

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