About 'professional play'

When we think about play, we might be tempted to seek definitions that are limited to recreation or non-serious purposes. While this might be true in some cases, Peekaplayers believes that play has more to do with creative communication and collaboration.

So many industries rely on presenting ideas, building rapport, and sharing stories. The services and products offered may have been tested and refined. Recruitment may have been targeted and skillful teams put in place. In theory it is a winning combination for success.

Not so much time is invested in building a cohesive team who feel confidently able to express themselves and learn from shared or individual experiences.  Do you think your company spends so much time contemplating how stories are shared internally as well as externally?

Improved communication can enhance presentation skills and generate better relationships with colleagues and customers resulting in stronger team cohesion and clearer messaging.

Peekaplayers can offer bespoke professional development training in the following areas:

  • Presentation skills – Offering public speaking techniques to help you connect your key messages with your desired goals. You will feel empowered to communicate confidently for a variety of audiences.

  • Facilitation/Training- Offering sessions on how to train others to deliver targeted messaging and communication. We will explore aspects of leadership to recognise how self-awareness and empathy are integral to generating influence and ultimately results.

‘Creative and engaging’ 

All our sessions can be delivered in person or online. Please contact Andrea at Andrea@peekaplayers.com